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Live Show & Masterclass at Acoustic Guitar Night Madrid #1 on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Concert I am honoured to kick-off the first Acoustic Guitar Night in Madrid and can't wait tos hare some new material with you!...

Tonight’s The Night

Tonight's the night: Pan Chimzee & I will rock your socks off at Berlin Acousitc Guitar Night. Doors: 19:30 Start: 20:00 Entrance: 8€...

Live Show at Berlin Acoustic Guitar Night on Sunday, January 7, 2018

The new year is nearly there and it will start wild and fresh: I feel proud and flattered to return to the infamous...

New Song of Charli & Heiko’s upcoming EP

My partner Charli Kornblum and I (Charli & Heiko) created sounds and transformed it into a record called In Bloom. Charli & Heiko...


No upcoming event scheduled

About Heiko

Playing acoustic guitar for 14 years now Heiko Bloemers has developed a unique playing style that incorporates extended techniques such as percussions, tapping, harmonics and others into the typical acoustic guitar playing. His music draws inspiration from various genres and people such as John Frusciante, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Pino Forastiere and Michael Hedges to name a few. His songwriting is anomalous as each song is telling a story, consisting of different acts or movements.


Heiko Bloemers was born in 1987 and grew up in Rheinberg, Germany. At the age of 8 he started taking piano lessons. After seven years he felt “technically limited” so he began playing electric guitar and formed his first band. About one year later he was suddenly drawn to the acoustic guitar after he had seen youtube videos of Tommy Emmanuel, Andy McKee, Jon Gomm and others. He started teaching himself hundreds of songs until he eventually began writing his own compositions. At this point in time he knew he’d like to become a full-time musician and started diving deeper into the adventurous world of music, discovering all kinds of techniques and artists along the way. Heiko has shared the stage with artists like Don Ross, Stefano Barone, Amrit Sond and others.
Heiko is giving guitar lessons and since 2016 he is hosting the annual Guitar Workshop Spain that aspires to bring Guitarists together from all over the world.
Heiko’s music enabled him to perform in cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and London. After he released his debut Sentiment EP in April 2016 he is currently writing and recording a second record scheduled to be released in Summer 2017. In August 2017 Heiko and his partner Charli Kornblum released their first EP entitled In Bloom and they are now working on a second EP also scheduled to be released in 2017.



Charli Kornblum and Heiko Bloemers met in 2016 and they spoke about working together in the near future but immediatly came together and starting creating. Months later, Charli & Heiko was born.
Jazz, soul & tribal fusion being their main direction but also venturing and experimenting in to many other sounds and flavours such as bossa nova, reggae, etc. Experimental world music, you could say.
Charli and Heiko have performed at festivals such as Own Spirit and BioRitme Festival.
In August 2017 they released their first EP In Bloom and are now working on their second EP Tribal Fusion.

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Heikotic Rhythm is an acoustic guitar duo that consists of Heiko Bloemers and Rhythm Shaw and was formed at the Thomas Leeb Guitar Bootcamp in 2015. With Heiko Bloemers’ groovy percussions and chord progressions as well as Rhythm Shaw’s catchy melodies and his unique way of improvising Heikotic Rhythm takes acoustic guitar duos to an astonishing level that remains untouched.
In February 2016 they released their first EP.

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“Heiko is a creative spark made human: sometimes shocking but always illuminating. Never dull.” – Jon Gomm

“Heiko Bloemers marks the cutting edge of a new generation of fingerstyle guitarists. His crossover style condenses sophisticated drum grooves, jazzy harmonies and inventive melodies into a sound palette that has space for ease and joy as well as weltschmerz and fury. Heikos shows are musical rituals that first carry him and eventually the whole audience off into a soundscape sui generis.” – Renan Cengiz


Not on a Label – Independent Artist

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